Wendy Wahn

While I have worked with various media, I always return to clay.  I feel most grounded and connected to to my artistic side when I am working with clay.  Using the elements of the earth in clay and shaping clay into useful vessels creates a dance between function and art.  When I work with clay I am reminded that we all come from the earth and will return to it someday. I begin a piece with prayer because my spiritual and artistic energy are revealed with each piece I make.  My work is meant to be used, whether to hold coffee or hold the sacrament, I strive to make them both useful and lovely.

Making pots is also a good metaphor for life.  Not all pots make it through the process. Not all pots turn out as you wanted.  Some will land back in the slip bucket, some in the trash, but each informs how the next pot gets made.  The greatest lesson I learned from my first pottery teacher was to say “It’s just clay” and let go of what doesn’t turn out.

Recently, I have been working with air brushing glazes.  The results are much different that dipping pots in buckets of glaze.  The lightness and subtle changes in color add a new dimension to my work. I continue to strive to keep my throwing fresh by experimenting with new design elements.  One can never learn everything there is to know about clay and the processes involved in firing. Clay provides a wealth of variation that keeps me curious and growing in what I can do in this medium.

Ash Mug 3×5 stoneware
wwahn.berrybowl.6x6 (1)
Berry Bowl.6×6
wwahn.leafbowl.6x6 (2)
Leaf Bowl 6 x 6
Weed Plate
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