4: Ned Krouse

5413 Meridian Rd Haslett, MI

My teaching career spans over 40 years and includes public schools, colleges and universities, and art and craft centers around the country.  I maintain a studio in Haslett, Michigan where I offer raku workshops to local potters.  

I produce one of a kind decorative and sculptural ceramics.  My work is slip decorated and raku fired.  While the clay is leather hard, I brush on layers of colored slip and carve and etch through the layers to reveal the colors underneath.  The multiple colors of slip allows me to alternate colors in the layering and produce many different combinations.

Krouse specializes in colorful raku pottery that allows him to combine copper glazes that blacken the clay during the post-firing reduction. His pieces are removed from a kiln while red hot and smoked in a reduction chamber (usually a metal garbage can filled with straw and sawdust). He also incorporates his love of figure drawing into the clay after he carves and molds the piece into the desired shape. These modifications give Krouse’s work the appearance of having a cubist, hard edge while still retaining figurative elements.

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