Maggie Valle

It is a grounding experience to drink coffee out of a handmade mug, or bake a meal in a vessel
that was created with deliberate intent. My pieces are not ornate works that sit on a shelf, they are
functional and warm; deliberately created to be comfortable and inspire nostalgia. It is my hope to be the
creator of someone’s favorite cup- the first that they reach for on the shelf or the sole reason that they run
the dishwasher.
I strive to create ceramic works that make people feel a connection to the piece and a recognition
of the natural features that inspired that piece. The texture in my pieces is inspired by texture in nature:
the avenues carved by waves in sandstone, the concentric rings of a tree, the intricate details of bark, or
the plump shapes of a bean pod. I love thinking about how clay is the substance of earth and using that
material in order to emulate natural textural occurrences.

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