3: Bill Selanders

Fox Knoll Pottery

15811 Upton Rd East Lansing, MI

Nestled on the edge of the Rose Lake Wildlife Area, Fox Knoll Pottery was established in 1976 by Bill Selanders. His studio has had a long history of multiple purposes, from the one room schoolhouse #2 in the  Bath School District, to a  chicken coop, to a ceramic studio.

Bill makes functional stoneware pottery inspired by the many craftspeople who have come before him.  He strives to make pots that are useful and serve as a relief from the stresses of modern life. 

 A shelf full of pots can act as a diary of our lives. Each one holds a memory that we can relive, who we were with, where and when we were. They can make us laugh, even cry when recalling how they entered our lives. Like old friends they sometimes slip from our grasp and need to be replaced. 

Bill enjoys making memories that people can cherish and which can find many purposes just like his studio has.

 The high fired stoneware is microwave and dishwasher safe and is used daily in many homes across the country

Bill Selanders
IMG_0479 (2)
Bill Selanders
IMG_0465 (2)
Bill Selanders
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Bill Selanders
Bill Selanders
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Bill Selanders
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