7: Mary Fritz

Red Cedar Studio

4411 Rodeo Trail, Williamston, MI

Mary Fritz creates both hand-built functional and sculptural pieces. By using flora and fauna and mother earth imagery, she tells a story of discovery, absurdity, emotion and loss, and humor. She highlights the whimsy of natural processes, realizes the nuanced interconnectedness of all living beings and provokes thoughts concerning the conservation of this planet. Her Studio overlooks the Red Cedar River and is surrounded by nature.

Edweena (1)
Edweena Head (1)
Edweena Quote (1)
Edweena Quote
Jacinta (1)
Jacinta back (1)
Jacinta Bust (1)
Jacinta Quote (1)
Jacinta Quote
Jacinta swallowtail (1)
Jacinta swallowtail

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