Lee J. Kronenberg: Artistic Creations Plus

I am a retired psychologist, a former college instructor and an active artist whose creativity is expressed in welded sculptures.  I am married to a wonderful artist, Nancy Kronenberg, and I have four sons.

I enjoy shaping and molding steel and copper into pleasing and unusual forms.  Sometimes, sculpting begins as a free-form journey.  Sometimes the design takes shape from a thought or inspiration.  The most exciting experience occurs when I dream about a sculpture, and then begin to build on that dream.  Because Cubism fascinates me, I frequently develop and use the techniques associated with it to create representational and nonrepresentational art.  Additionally, Nancy and I often combine our talents to create sculptural art.

Each sculpture is made by hand, and individually created.  My goal is for my art to have a timeless quality that will be enjoyed from generation to generation.

Kronenberg Lee in Studio

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