Jane Hildebrand: Red Barn Studio at Stillwater

    4098 Zimmer Rd, Williamston  

Red Barn Pottery at Stillpoint is a large airy studio near the banks of the Red Cedar River in Williamston. As partners, Laurence Max and Jane Hildebrand have been pleased to both continue and transform the Red Barn facility since acquiring it in spring of 2020. They moved from their former studios in Okemos, known as Stillpoint.

Jane, the Resident Artist, spends most of her ceramic energies building organic sculpture which represent her life experiences in all their ups and downs. In her work, clay represents the core of being.  Fire, construction, and deconstruction methods embody the forces – physical, spiritual and psychological – that transform it. 

Max, the driver behind the acquisition of  the Red Barn, is responsible for the continuation and improved workability of the studio. He practises his art through ingenious inventions and sculpture – often adaptations and reimaginings of industrial materials – and continues to troubleshoot everything in sight. 

Surrounded by six acres of forest and gardens, potters and other artists are brought together for individual pursuits as well as collaboration, especially during group efforts such as firing the walk-in gas kiln. Private studios as well as more affordable shelf spaces are rented on a monthly basis. Clay,wheels, 5 kilns and other equipment are made available. All levels of expertise are welcome. 

Member artists at the Red Barn include:

Sid Case

Janice Child

Jane Hildebrand

Angela Hoover

P.T. Phan

Barb Piper

Lolo Robison

Kathe Smith

Liisa Whitman

Dennis Wyatt

Laurence Max

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