7. Red Barn Pottery Studio: Ruth Zimmerman

Red Barn Pottery rents working space to more than a dozen potters, each extremely talented in their own right.  The unique opportunity to master each step of pottery production skills — from forming the clay to glazing to handling a reduction firing in a gas kiln — has attracted renters from as far away as Ann Arbor!   Each potter has unique specialties and skills, producing a wide range of beautiful pieces.My pottery explores the boundaries of my reawakened long-dormant skills.  Alternately, I push at the boundaries of artistic expression, and retreat to standardized forms.
Ruth Zimmerman
Grand Opening 2018
Gallery Grand Opening 2018
Studio at Work
Vessel with distressed slip
Ruth Zimmerman “Vessel with distressed slip”
Textured bowl
Ruth Zimmerman “Textured Bowl”
Raku Wall Hanging
Ruth Zimmerman “Raku Wall Hanging”
Raku Vessel
Ruth Zimmerman “Raku Vessel”
Ruth Zimmerman
Ruth Zimmerman
Ruth Zimmerman



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