8. Mark Chatterley Sculpture

I am still trying to learn how to play.

Turning off the inner critic and just see what happens.

Giving myself rules to work within so as to not to be overwhelmed with possibilities.

Using the figure in an abstract way.

Just giving the bare essentials of what it is to be human.

Not explaining it all.

But have a psychological content floating through the work.

Eliminating all references to the here and now.

Working for timeless images.

Mark Chatterley
Mark Chatterley
Chatterley Sculpture Studio
IMG_5528 (1)
Chatterley Sculpture Studio
IMG_4991-2 copy
Chatterey Sculpture Studio
heads.Chatterley cone 6.Chatterley cone 6
Mark Chatterley
white dreams.jpg chatterley cone 6.jpg chatterley cone 6
Mark Chatterley “White Dreams”
lady in the clouds .jpg chatterley 6feet tall.jpg chatterley 6feet tall
Mark Chatterley “Lady in the Clouds”
Mark Chatterley
Mark Chatterley
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