Paul Nilsson

When I retired as a high school art teacher and coach in 2009, I built a ceramic studio that is located on my property in Williamston.  Although I consider myself a sculptor, I enjoy working in a variety of media.  Primarily I work in high fire stoneware clay, both figuratively and abstractly.   I like to glaze decoratively.  For the past ten years I have focused on the animal world, nature and allegory for my inspiration.

KINDRED SPIRITS 75” H x 21” W x 12”D Each Stoneware clay on steel
Tornado Fetish_Stoneware_82H-30W-28D_Paul Nilsson
Tornado Fetish_Stoneware_82H x 30W x 28D
Wood Nymph 28″H x 6″W x 3″D Stoneware
Yoga Bunny Installed
Yoga Bunny 67″H x 24″W x 42″D Stoneware on Steel
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