Nancy and Lee Kronenberg: Artistic Creations Plus

Nancy M. Kronenberg

What inspires me to make art is very personal – it’s all about feelings.  It’s the feeling of working five hours that feels like five minutes.  It’s the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve mastered something difficult to do.  It’s the fun, and sometimes the surprise, of opening the kiln to see what the “kiln gods” have done with my pottery.   It is the joy of sharing my art with folks who enjoy it.   It is the gratification of personal connections with people when they send me notes and pictures of my pottery and paintings in their homes.  It is the pure fun of creating art with a great group of friends.  It is the creative excitement of making combination art with my husband.  What inspires me to create my art is all of these wonderful feelings.

Lee J. Kronenberg

From conception to fruition, I love the challenge of making steel and copper into art that will be appreciated for years to come.  Each sculpture is a separate entity, and each begins to develop its own personality as it is created. whether it be an artistic clock, or an eight-foot representation, its purpose is to provide the viewer with something to consider, to judge, and then, perhaps, to enjoy.

Kronenberg WeldedCreationsPlus Gallery Inside
Kronenberg WeldedCreationsPlus Gallery Inside
Kronenberg Wings Ceramic
Kronenberg Wings Ceramic
Kronenberg Shapes Ceramic
Kronenberg Shapes Ceramic
Kronenberg Butterflies Ceramic & Steel
Kronenberg Butterflies Ceramic &
Welded Creations Plus 2
Nancy Kronenberg
Welded Creations Plus Love
Nancy Kronenberg
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