Marie Gougeon

Pottery had always been a hobby when I was working. Taking classes at various colleges, private studios, art centers and participation with pottery guilds.  For over 20 years my pottery has evolved to include my illustration and design background. Creating original hand carved designs to add textures, or botanicals by arranging flowers & leaves impressed into the clay.  These original, one of a kind pieces, celebrate the detailed intricacies of nature. Many different shaped of hand-built pieces (oval & square etc.) are also unique in the fact that I finish both sides of plates, platters and bowls.

Thrown pieces are made mostly for raku and horsehair raku firing. With the Horsehair raku, the pieces are enhanced with sprayed colors along with the unpredictable black squiggle lines from the burned horsehair.

The glazing process includes multiple layers of glazes to highlight the textures of the carved and impressed designs.

The focus of my creations is nature and growing things:  always looking at the detail, textures and patterns of the world around us.  I share my relationship to nature through my art, and hope to share that beauty.

MCG-Daisy Tea PotMCG-Flower BowlMCG-QAL Platter

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